Monday, April 8, 2013

Stryfe Masterkey

This started out as something I thought I'd never do, due to my dislike of flywheel blasters. But after seeing the relative ease of actually doing this modification, and a change jar with more in it than I thought one weekend, I decided this was worth a shot.

     Unfortunately I did not take any photos of actually chopping the Rough Cut into the masterkey, but it's very self explanatory just by looking at pictures of other's completed ones. All of the mechanical parts of the Rough Cut are forward from the trigger, so everything behind where you can see I've cut (That is to say, the entire handle basically) is just empty shell that can be cut away. I decided to hot glue my trigger back like that, to take advantage of the slam-fire- But this is a personal choice, it's very easy to just NOT glue it back and keep the functional trigger. Even though if you cut it the way I did, there is no room for the trigger spring, the Rough Cut will still pull the trigger back to it's original position after pulling it.

I sanded off all of the identifying Nerf symbols and such to start, and did my flat black base as usual. One change is that I usually use Krylon Fusion paint, but this time I used a generic brand flat black from my local Fred Meyer's. It's held up surprisingly well, considering it's not designed for use on plastic the way the Fusion is, and is quite a bit less expensive.

     Added Krylon Camouflage ultra-flat for the green, not much to say here, other than a little complaining about how long it took to tape it all up.

    There will be more to come, but I haven't added enough detailing to warrant taking more pictures yet.

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